The Department of Physics was established in 1968 under the headship of   Sri U.VenkataSubbaiah and with two faculty members Dr. Y. Jaya Rama Rao and Sri K.V.V.AppaRao.  To meet the growing needs in Physics, the Department was expanded with the appointment of Sri K. Nagendra Rao and Sri G.Venkateswara Rao in 1969, Sri C.KrishnaPrasad and Sri M .Nageswara Rao in 1971 and Sri A.PullaRao in 1973.  Sri U.VenkataSubbaiah served the department for three decades with utmost interest and developed good laboratories with the support of the management. His successors Sri G. Venkateswara Rao , Sri C. Krishna Prasad and Sri A. Brahmaiah continued the same trend.

 Presently the department is headed by Sri Ch.RamPrasad M.Sc.,M.Phil. and has  11 faculty members .  The related courses to the department are   B.Sc (M.P.C.) and B.Sc (M.P.Cs).

 The department has four spacious laboratories, one dark room and one research laboratory with total area 7200 sq.ft.  

The laboratories are well furnished and equipped with sufficient number of good quality apparatus  like optical benches ,  telescopes, micro scopes , Cathode ray oscilloscopes,  Signal Generators and other modern apparatus.   The equipment total cost is about Rs 36, 61,832 .Separate Labs are provided for each practical paper.   Each B.Sc. lab can accommodate 30 students at a time   and the Intermediate lab can accommodate 50 students at a time.  The department has three Doctorates and also research guide ship (Dr.K.SambasivaRao) recognised by Acharya  Nagarjuna  University.   The faculty members presented 19 research papers in International journals so far.

The department is striving to update and mould itself to adapt the fast changing needs of the community for which it was instituted here in J.K.C.College in1968.          

Staff in Physics
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 A. Brahmaiah Associate professor M.Sc., M.Phil
2 Ch. Ram Prasad Associate professor M.Sc., M.Phil
3 Dr. G.S.C. Bose Associate professor M.Sc.,M.Phil. ,Ph.D.,
4 Dr. K. Sambasiva Rao Associate professor M.Sc., Ph.D
5 T.B.N. Prasad Asst.Professor M.Sc., M.Phil
6 L. Ajay Babu Asst.Professor M.Sc., M.Phil
7 K.S.R. Krishna Asst.Professor M.Sc., M.Phil
8 K. Swapna Latha Asst.Professor M.Sc., M.Phil
9 C. Sri Devi Asst.Professor M.Sc.
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